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Imagine the Next Level Of Apartment Living...

Turn-Key Professional Organization & Personal Services

As A New Resident You Can:

  • Receive our painless move-in experience with personal move-in support and coordination.

  • Receive our turnkey move-in services where Judy On The Spot sets-up your furnishing, hang your artwork, organize all your closets, set-up your kitchen and bathroom, and stock your fridge, etc.

As An Existing Resident You Can:

  • Schedule an organizer to ensure everything has a place in your space.

  • Schedule an organizer to: declutter and organize closets, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms etc.

  • Schedule someone to pick up groceries, or other items, and put them away.

  • Request an organizer to plan a romantic dinner or outing, shop for a present, wrap holiday gifts, renew vehicle tags, return items to the store, or deliver documents to a client.

  • Receive organized move out services where packers: pack, label, number, and color code boxes in time to move out of property.

  • Schedule recurring touch-up services to ensure your space is maintained, so that your home continues to look and feel great...